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Order By Phone on +713-270-1717
We are Located on 6101-C Glenmont Drive in Houston Texas 77081

    10" - SMALL - $4.99
    12" - MEDIUM- $6.99
    14" - 14 LARGE - $8.99
    16" - 16 LARGE - $9.99
    20" - JUMBO - $14.99
  • Regular Toppings:

    Pepperoni Ham
    Sausage Mushrooms
    Beef Green Peppers
    Onions Black Olives
    Canadian Bacon Green Olives
  • Fresh Tomatoes Fresh Garlic
    Meatballs Anchovies
    Jalapenos Cheddar Cheese
    Pineapple Feta Cheese
    Spinach Extra Cheese

    Special Toppings (Counts as 2 toppings)

    Chicken Shrimp BBQ beef



Great Job!

"I had tried a couple of pizza restaurants around the south west area like pizza hut, domino's, cici, etc they were all test less. Then I saw a champion pizza flyer on my door so I gave them a try. IT WAS AMAZING and DELICIOUS. I order the meat lover pizza with extra cheese. People I highly recommend everybody to try this pizza for themselves!"

Elvis E.

Best Pizza in Town!

Best Pizza in town. Very affordable. I highly recommend.


Service and Food Is Great

me 2.jpg

John and His Staff provides excellent service, plus the food is delicious.

Best Pizza Around

Good pizza! Great prices!! Fast Delivery!! You can't ask for anything more.

Lynn Wright

The Best Pizza You've Never Heard of!

Champion 1.jpg

It's as if you have to know the secret password for the bouncer to let you in. The neighborhood is pretty much as rough as it gets so you'll want to take advantage of their free delivery.
Honestly, if you didn't know that Champion Pizza exists you would spend your entire life knowing that something was missing; you'd never know just what it was... Just that something was definitely wrong.
They charge an additional dollar for thick crust, but it's worth it. If I hadn't received a door hanger and taken a chance, I would be much the worse for it.
Champion Pizza has an extensive menu from phenomenal pizza (with a sauce that is as unique as it is delicious) and an incredible choice of toppings (including spinach, anchovies, feta cheese, REAL Italian sausage and all the normal goodies you would expect from an average pizza joint), to a salad menu that leaves you confused by it's expansiveness; the menu doesn't stop there, no. Sandwiches from Philly cheese steak (the real deal) to tuna melt, Italian hoagie, wait, what am I gonna do write out their entire menu for you? Just go online to thechampionpizza.com And no, I do not work for this hidden treasure trove, not am I part of the family, you're going to have to a bit of work for yourself.
Oh, I didn't even begin to rattle off the fantastic array of pasta dishes including ravioli, chicken parmesan and lasagna. Their phone number is 713-270-1717 because, you know, delivery. Hours are 11:00am to 11:00pm.
One thing I'd love to see, along with their Cheesecake selection would be a nice cannelloni.
My name is Andy and I'm a regular customer. If a regular customer takes this much time and effort to tell the secret of The Champion Pizza it really, really must be worth a shot. Oh, and the prices... I don't know how they do it, but on a scale of $ - $$$$$ we are talking, no joke, $$. What are you waiting for? The Champion Pizza is waiting for your call RIGHT NOW!

Andy Floyd Hunt